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April 6th

& 7th

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May 4th

& 5th

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May 18th

& 19th

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June 1st

& 2nd

Pick your own during the berry pickin'est time of the year!


Pick Your Own Organic StrawBerries 

1 Pint $3
3 Pints $8


Pick Your Own Organic Blackberries

Pint $6 | 3 Pint tub  $15 | Half pint $3


Pick Your Own Organic Blueberries 

Pint $6 | 3 Pint tub  $15 | Half pint $3


Free Pancakes with Berryfest admission every morning!
8 am - 11pm

Our Special

BerryFest Menu!

We're going to be putting our ovens into overdrive as we prepare culinary delights using fresh picked organic berries right from our fields.

Green Produce.jpg

Did your little one pick some unripe berries? Check out our guide on all the awesome things you can do with green berries!


Concerned about picking too much?
Check out this guide on freezing extras for later!


Berry Fun Times at BerryFest

Play BerryFest only games like the Berry Relay Race, the Pit Spittin' Competition.

Plus our everyday fun! 

Hay Ride + Jumping Pillow + Animal Garden + Ball Toss + Murray Hill Slide 'n Ride  + Corn Cannon + Animal Train... and more!