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Easter Fun on the Farm


We do Easter differently!

Kids collect as many eggs as they want, all day long!

Friendly competition is great, but when it comes to easter egg hunts it can be all out war. With all day hunts, instead of working against each other, kids work together to find tons of eggs and return them to Eggy Mountain for an Easter gift!

Is it still Fun?

Heck yes, some kids spend most of their time returning eggs through the various pipes and contraptions! All the colored empty eggs make their way to the bins at the bottom of Eggy Mountain. Climbing up and down while watching eggs roll through the pipes is a blast!

How much does it cost? Is anything Included?

All you have to pay is your farm admission and everything else is included! No surprise costs. Just tons of memories. You can even color your own egg and take it home along with your gift from the Easter Bunny!



Baby Animals in the Animal Garden

Baby barnyard friends join the Animal Garden for this special event, meet and greet sweet little chicks!

Hay Rides to our Fields for a farm fresh picking experience

Enjoy the fresh spring air during a guided hayride across every acre of Murray Family Farms. You'll learn about Murray Family Farm's history, and how to pick the best fruit possible before we drop you off to pick your perfect produce right out of our fields.

The Flower Maze Storybook Presents:
Jelly Bean and the Unbreakable Egg

Take a stroll through a spring maze of budding flowers and read the story of six little chicks that all learn about team work and kindness as they save their friend!

Enjoy our Everyday Farm Fun Attractions

Murray Hill

The Boo-Boo Mega Slides

Giant Jumping Pillow

Corn Cannon

The Animal Garden

& More!!!!

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