Specialty and Rare Harvest

Murray Family Farms prides itself on bringing rare and exotic fruits to our customers. Due to limited availability, these often only end up in the hands of our most ardent Family Farm Fanatics, but if you're reading this you must be one too!

Most items on this list must be specifically ordered and can be picked up at our Big Red Barn or Little Purple Barn, and even your local Farmers Market (Click the link to check if we're in your area now!)


Rare Harvest


Leaves and Aromatics

Natural Wood


Green Produce

Currently I am working on planting some more rare fruit trees into the ground, this includes hawthorn relatives, goumi, more types of medlar, more types of persimmon, more types of mulberries, lemonade berry, staghorn sumac, maypop, more types of ice cream bean, and an assortment of crazy citrus.
— Steven Murray, Master of Rare Fruit